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What is Hydrodol?

Hydrodol is a range of dietary supplements based on formulations developed in collaboration with Australian scientists. The products are in easy, convenient capsule and drink powder servings, and designed to help the body help itself in times of life’s little excesses. The range includes products for ‘Before’ and ‘After’ indulgences, such as a night of celebratory drinking or delicious over eating, so that you can enjoy yourself in the moment and still be your best for the day ahead.

How does Hydrodol work?

Hydrodol is a natural approach to restoring you back to your best you. The proprietary formulas replenish nutrients depleted by a big night out and more importantly help the body to metabolise and eliminate alcohol-induced toxins to help reduce any ill effects such as symptoms of hangover the next day.

Will Hydrodol prevent intoxication?

Hydrodol products do not prevent or reduce intoxication, alcohol poisoning, alcohol misuse or irresponsible drinking. Please look after yourself, your friends and your community by always drinking responsibly. Never drink and drive. Never consume alcohol if under the legal age to do so, while pregnant, nursing or taking specific medicines/drugs that may interact with alcohol.

When do I take 'Before'?

Hydrodol ‘Before’ (either capsule and drink powder options) is best taken at the beginning of your big event, ‘before’ or with your first drink. If you are celebrating in an extra big way, you might also take a second serve ‘before’ bed.

When do I take 'After'?

Hydrodol ‘After’ (drink powder) is designed to be taken ‘after’ you get home or is especially good for help with recovery the next morning.

What's in 'Before'?

Hydrodol ‘Before’ capsules and drink powder contain the exact same proprietary preventative blend of vitamins, amino acids and dietary nutrients, in exact same amounts. The drink powder is naturally flavoured & sweetened with citrus & stevia leaf. For full ingredient list please refer to the label or product page.

What's not in 'Before'?

Hydrodol ‘Before’ (both capsule and drink powder options) is free from caffeine, gluten, soy, nuts, dairy and any artificial flavors or sweeteners. They are vegan friendly.

What's in 'After'?

Hydrodol ‘After’ drink powder contains a proprietary restorative blend of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, dietary nutrients & herbal extracts. It packs a punch with our exclusive CO2 extracted ginger extract and is naturally flavored & sweetened with citrus & stevia leaf. For full ingredient list please refer to the label or product page.

What's not in 'After'?

Hydrodol ‘After’ drink powder is free from caffeine, gluten, soy, nuts, dairy and any artificial flavours or sweeteners. It is vegan friendly and is also our sugar free option.

Can I take Hydrodol with other medications?

Hydrodol products contain only ingredients commonly found in foods and dietary supplements, but if you have any concerns at all please have a chat with your healthcare professional before use.

Are Hydrodol products 'natural'?

All ingredients in the Hydrodol range are found in nature. Included in our products are pharmaceutical grades of each ingredient to ensure the highest quality batch to batch

Where is Hydrodol made?

Hydrodol products are made in Australia. The manufacturers and the products themselves are monitored by Australia’s government regulatory body (TGA – Therapeutic Goods Administration) who ensures both pharmaceutical medicines and dietary supplements are made to the highest international standards and guidelines.

Are Hydrodol products FDA approved?

The manufacturers who make Hydrodol are also approved and registered with the FDA as overseas facilities. Consultation with leading US regulatory associates ensures ongoing compliance to US regulations.

How long has Hydrodol been in the marketplace?

Hydrodol has been the leading brand for hangover relief in Australia for over 20 years. The original formula was similar to the current ‘Before’ capsule, with only a few modern tweaks for improved efficacy. The ‘After’ formula was introduced to the brand in 2017 in response to consumer needs.

How do I avoid a feeling terrible the next day after a few drinks the night before?

The only way to completely avoid the risk of feeling less than energetic the next day is to completely avoid drinking.

What if I still want to enjoy a few drinks with friends responsibly?

Eat a good meal before drinking. Stay hydrated before during and after drinking. Always drink in moderation. Take Hydrodol as directed.

What else can I do to support my body after a few drinks?

Drink water between drinks, eat before you go out to drink and drink responsibly.