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Hangover Remedies: Old Wife’s Tales or Do They Work?

Posted by Hydrodol Admin on
Hangover Remedies

We all love a night out with friends, but you can end up paying for it the next morning. Your head is pounding, your stomach is jumpy and you feel like you've been hit by a truck!

So what can you do to ease your hangover?

1. A Shot of Pickle Juice
Sounds pretty weird, but the idea behind drinking pickle juice to cure a hangover is that the salt in pickle juice replenishes the electrolytes you've lost after a night of drinking, pickle juice will help with your electrolytes, but you should still drink lots of water and get some sleep. This may be the reasons that Russians sometimes chase vodka shots with pickle juice!

2. A Glass of Kombucha
Kombucha contains electrolytes and can help you re-hydrate if you feel like something other than plain water. Research on whether Kombucha can help with stomach-aches is limited, but it’s said that bubbles in Kombucha might help your tummy feel a little better, too.

3. Honey Toast
There's no scientific evidence that a big, greasy breakfast will cure a hangover. In fact, a greasy breakfast might just give you heartburn after a night of celebrations. No specific foods are recommended, although honey sandwiches are helpful to some people because of the sugar and the comfort.

4. A Big Glass of Coconut Water
It's common to lose a lot of potassium from frequent urination after a night of drinking and coconut water is full of potassium. Coconut water is much easier on your stomach than acidic beverages like orange juice so it'll help you get rehydrated quickly.

5. A Ginger Supplement
Alcohol makes your stomach overproduce hydrochloric acid, which is why you might feel nauseated the day after you overindulged. Ginger can help soothe an upset stomach, there drinking ginger ale, take a ginger supplement, or drinking ginger tea can make you feel better.

6. A (Virgin) Bloody Mary
We are not talking about the whole "hair of the dog" thing! This tip is all about drinking plain tomato juice (no vodka!) to help your hangover because it can help metabolise alcohol. Drink tomato juice on its own, or mix it with other vegetable juices, like carrot, cucumber, pumpkin, or celery juice.

7. Green Tea
Consuming foods and beverages high in antioxidants can also help your body start to recover from the effects of alcohol. Green tea is a great source of antioxidants, along with berries, spinach, nuts, seeds, dark chocolate, and even carrots.

8. Eat a Bowl of Miso Soup
Soup in general is a wonderful comfort food that has been used as a hangover cure. Especially, a delicious miso soup because of its water and salt content. The water rehydrates you; while the salt helps your body hold onto that water.

9. Eat Some Avocado Toast
Just like coconut water, avocados can help you raise your potassium levels after a night of overindulging in alcohol. Avocados can also help protect your liver against injury, so they're a great food to eat when you're hungover.

10. Drink that Water!
The most important treatment for hangover is to make sure you drink fluids, get your blood sugar levels back up, and maybe take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain-reliever other than acetaminophen. Your body needs some time to recover, so just remember to allow yourself the space to feel better.

The best way to avoid a hangover is drinking responsibly and taking Hydrodol (and sharing it with your friends). Hydrodol, a nutrient rich formula full of amino acids, B1 and B2 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support the body so you can feel your best the next day, naturally!


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